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Investing your savings seems like a scary thought, and this is mainly true if you are a beginner with little or no knowledge of where to start. This is where we introduce ourselves as How2Invest, the only one-stop solution to the whole journey, which is aimed to bring nothing but joy and reward in investing.

Also, when complicated topics are explained in easy-to-understand language; examples of these are stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities, real estate, and others. It provides a detailed analysis of the attributes of various asset groups, detailing their distinctive parameters, risks, and expectations.

This article will discuss the pivotal features of the How2Invest platform and how a beginner and/or advanced investor can utilize it. In conclusion, after the completion of the course, the reader will clearly know what this platform offers that is peculiar and unique to it and hence will find it easy to either start investing or grow their portfolio.So let’s get started!

What is How2Invest?

How2Invest – where we give away the secrets of pro-investors. This platform is entirely free, and we simply give easy-packaged pieces of information for the intricate areas of investing. Investors are protected from losses by the platform’s actions taken or recommendations taken across levels, which influence their decisions with the necessary tools and knowledge.

The provider offers numerous tools and effects that can help individuals create consistent portfolios. Investors opt for loans that have low rates of deferred payments, which means taking responsibility to fulfill their obligations and leading their lives in their own favor. 

The one-outlet approach of How2Invest is designed just for individual investors’ needs, thus guiding them to rule the wheel of the future. It provides an essential platform for the unemployed and provides various training where one does not need to have an investigation into finance or any experience to apply and be successful. 

Getting Started With How2Invest

Here are the steps to get started with How2Invest:

1. Creating an Account

  • Go to the How2Invest website or application, which are both available through the link provided below.
  • Click “Sign up” and provide your email address, password, name, and other details that are required.
  • After submitting the email for registration, check for a link sent to it to confirm the email.

2. Navigating the Platform/App

  • The homepage divides all the info essential for users into sections, which include News, Tools, Education, etc.
  • Click on the select menu that will appear to examine the other tags, such as Research, Portfolio, and Profile.

3. Sectioning Essential Elements for Beginners

  • Education: Start your further investment journey by browsing a few articles, watching a few videos, and taking a few courses so you can begin to understand the basics.
  • Tools: Calculators, scanners, and trackers are effective tools for monitoring and tracking the analysis and performance of investments and portfolios.
  • Research: Take a look at companies, funds and market indexes using research reports, financial statements and news items.
  • Portfolio: Build an online box of the investments to view the highest and lowest yielding ones based on the progress over time.
  • Profile: Write your own goals, allocate exactly what you can endure the risk, decide between the assets, and get individualized investment options.

Investment Education Resources

Some key features include:

  • Learning Center: Provide an all-inclusive array of short easy-to-understand articles that cater for all important investments ideals. Topics cover everything from the identification of the proper assets and portfolio design, to risk management and taxes.
  • Glossary: A full glossary with the terms explained in plain language, also elaborate. Users will be able to easily review the terms in matter to understand what they stand for and the essence.
  • Tutorials: Tutorials that step by step through the difficult concepts have been crushed into a bite-sized lesson whose understandability is ensured by their simplicity. 
  • Guides: Longer guides to particular investment strategies and ways of doing things. This involves case studies of investment types such as value investing, technical analysis, and impact investing.
  • Webinars: Live and webinar-based, take the learning from the industry experts. Users will be able to attend webinars 24/7 according to their convenience and listen with online lectures of various topics given through interesting methods.

Investment Options on How2invest

Here are the key points about the investment options available on How2Invest:

  • Within the How2Invest platform, every user enjoys the right to invest their savings in various instruments, including traditional exchange-traded assets like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, as well as new asset classes like real estate and cryptocurrency. 
  • The provider has low commission charges and fees, this makes it easy to have friendly competition with other providers. Likewise, in order to accomplish this goal, they plan the platform to be a simple investment tool widely available and usable on a budget.
  • The research tools can help users by seeing if a new project is profitable. Also, it allows users to carefully and thoroughly evaluate all available investment opportunities from A to Z. 
  • They are providing another type of education in which individuals learn about different financial vehicles and develop the expertise to weigh this information when making decisions.
  • Advice on daily news analysis and tracking the data of different markets will help people stay familiar with the investment field as well as their asset dynamics.

Portfolio Management Features

Here are the key portfolio management features offered by How2invest:

  • Placing trades: The mobile application includes investment departments that offer stock, bonds, crypto coins, commodities, and ETFs for users to utilize in creating their portfolios. The user becomes empowered to decide when to buy/sell as How2invest has equipped them to manage their portfolio.
  • Integrated news/updates: How2invest has become a tool that enables users to learn forward-looking information such as market news, market trends, and economic data through regular updates. This provides the users with a platform to make changes in their investment strategies while the market movements are going on. Besides that, our platform offers the full set of tools to search for projects of investing with deeper analysis.

Additional Valuable Tools

Here are some additional valuable tools offered by How2Invest:

  • Retirement planning tools: How2Invest provides various calculators and worksheets to help users plan for retirement. It estimates their retirement income needs, calculates potential savings gaps, and assists with Social Security optimization strategies.
  • Financial articles/videos: The platform publishes regularly updated educational content covering diverse topics like investing basics, financial planning, and market trends. This comes in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts. 
  • Market data and analyst reports: How2Invest offers live market data, including stock/fund prices and indexes. It also shares in-depth reports from expert analysts on industries, companies, and macroeconomic factors impacting the investment landscape.
  • Portfolio tracking: Users can view the performance of their overall portfolio as well as individual holdings on the How2Invest dashboard. This allows monitoring returns and rebalancing investments to align with goals.
  • Investment research tools: Features like stock screeners, fund comparison, and company financials help users research and analyze potential investment opportunities thoroughly before making decisions.
  • Calculators: Tools such as retirement calculators, savings calculators, and loan calculators help determine financial needs and the impact of investment choices.
  • News and updates: Timely market news, economic announcements, and updates on tax laws ensure that users have the latest information to aid in informed investment decisions.

Customizing Your Experience

Some key customization features on How2Invest include:

  • Profile Settings: Users can modify their public profile details like name, photo, location, etc. They can also customize privacy settings.
  • Notification Preferences: How2Invest enables users to select notification types they wish to receive via app, email, or push notifications. This includes updates about portfolio performance, market news etc. 
  • Theme/Layout: The platform provides options to change color themes and adjust text size/layout. This allows for customizing the visual experience based on individual preferences. 
  • Watchlists: Users can create customized watchlists by adding stocks/funds of their interest. How2Invest tracks their performance in real time.
  • Calculators: In order to tailor investment calculators to the specific requirements of an individual, one may alter variables such as investment quantity, duration, expected returns, and so forth.


Q. Is How2Invest free to use?

Yes, the basic features and functions of How2Invest are completely free for all users. There are no subscription fees required to access the educational resources, investment tools, or to set up a paper trading account.

Q. What is the minimum deposit required to start investing?

For most stocks and ETFs on How2Invest, the minimum investment is $1. Some mutual funds may have a minimum of $100. There are also no account minimums or balance requirements to open an account.

Q. Can I invest in cryptocurrencies on How2Invest?

At this time, How2Invest does not offer the ability to directly purchase or trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, they do provide educational resources on digital assets for investors to learn about this emerging asset class.

Q. Is my account and investment information secure on How2Invest?

Yes, How2Invest uses bank-level encryption and security protocols to protect all customer data and login credentials. Account access also requires multi-factor authentication for added protection. Your personal information and portfolio details are safely stored behind firewalls and monitoring systems.

Q. What support is available if I have other questions?

How2Invest customer support is available via phone, email, and online chat seven days a week. Financial consultants can also be booked for a fee to answer more complex questions. An extensive help center and FAQ section on the website also address common inquiries.

Q. Can I use How2Invest if I live outside the US?

Currently, How2Invest offers mostly to investors who are citizens or residents of the United States. While international users can access most educational resources, actual trading capabilities are limited to US-based brokerages and market exchanges.


How2Invest is a premium platform that has a versatile digital environment tailored to meet investment decision-making needs and endow users with complete knowledge, tools, and resources to invest smartly. One of the best qualities of mentor figures for both beginner and experienced investors is their capacity to prepare straightforward explanations of financial details and recommend new investors who need advice or help. With the interactive interface with the latest educational information and investment strategies designed to suit individual requirements and risk preferences. How2Invest is the one-all answer that can help you reach your financial dreams.

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